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Pavlovic Baby Ointment

Ointment with the natural ingredient of chamomile for the care and protection of delicate baby and child skin, removes redness, soothes burning and reduces itching. Anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients such as Vaseline, zinc oxide, talc, lanolin and liquid paraffin are excellent at

  • Skin irritation, redness, cracks
  • minor burns and abrasions
  • acute and chronic inflammation of the skin
  • uninfected diaper rashes

Price: € 7,99


English Rose

Produkt Verpackung Preis Code Info
Massage oil 40 ml glass bottle €9.99 ERMO401 Details
Massage oil 200 ml glass bottle €26.90 ERMO200 Details
Exfoliating body scrub 200 g glass €9.99 ERKP200 Details
Bath salts (cone) 40 g paper €4.99 ERBC401 Details
Bath salts (cone) 80-100 g paper €7.99 ERBC101 Details
Bath salts ‘Exclusive’ 500 g glass €14.90 ERBE500 Details
Soap (candy) 20-30 g paper €3.29 ERSC301 Details
Soap (casket) 20-30 g paper casket €5.49 ERSS301 Details
Soap (cube) 100 g paper €5.49 ERSW100 Details
Scented sachet cardboard (box) €3.99 ERDS101 Details
Bath fizzy (candy) 30 g paper €2.50 ERBF301 Details

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